A Patch of Sunlight

Once there was a girl named Amalia who dreamed about a bluebell. In her dream, she saw a bluebell flower blooming in a patch of sunlight. The little flower rejoiced in the warmth of the sun and lifted its petals in celebration of the light. Amalia rejoiced as well, for how often does one encounter a bluebell blooming in a patch of sunlight?

Oh, the power of a patch of sunlight! It’s one of those little things in life that make any day a good day. What overcast sky has not been rendered beautiful by a shaft of sunlight poking through the clouds? Even when the clouds are dark and shedding tears, a little patch of sunlight reveals the rainbow.

There is a scene in the animated film “Soul” in which a cat is fussing about because he has something VERY IMPORTANT to do. He bursts through the door of his room, races across the floor, and runs into a pool of sunlight coming in through the window. The cat abruptly stops. He plops down on the floor and sprawls out in the sun, his VERY IMPORTANT something to do no longer quite so important.

So here’s to all the little patches of sunlight that I have encountered in my life; they have gotten me through a lot of gray days and VERY IMPORTANT things to do. I am also thankful for the bluebells I have met along the way, who have reminded me of the joy – pure, untainted joy – of blooming for a while in a little patch of sunlight.

Painting by John William Waterhouse

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