Painting ~ Armado M. Pena Jr.

I have always loved this painting by Armado Pena, but I never knew the title. When I reproduced it for myself, I wanted to find out what the title was, so I could give proper recognition to the artist.

Armado M. Pena


To my disappointment, no title was forthcoming, despite the many Internet nooks and crannies I Googled. On Mr. Pena’s website, there were two galleries listed that exhibit his work, so I gave them a call. The person at the first gallery had no idea what I was talking about. Okay. Nothing to bust his chops over, but really…shouldn’t one know the names of all the paintings of the artist in whose gallery you labor?

I called the second gallery. The artist – Armado Pena himself – answered the phone.

(Note to self: Mr. Pena said he usually does not answer the phone, but the proprietor had stepped out for a minute. Just think! A little trip to the bank or the donut shop gave me the opportunity to talk to an artist I admire.)

I had to gush for a few seconds – (“Oh, Mr. Pena, I just LOVE your work!”) – and then I told him my quest. I described the painting to him. He said he could not remember it. Apparently he has painted a lot of girls and a lot of horses and a lot of girls on horses in the course of his career. Imagine that! Being such a prolific artist that you cannot remember the names of all your paintings! I was impressed – mildly disappointed – but mightily impressed.

I thanked him for his time, gushed a little bit more, and proceeded to give the painting my own title. Here it is.

“Reproduction of a Painting by Amado M. Pena Jr of a Girl on a Blue Horse”

There. Hope that’s okay.

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