Crochet ~ Cat and Friend

I will not be the center of anyone’s universe.

It’s the time of year when I give away the fruits of my labors. The hand puppets are going to the kids at church, and the crochet animals are going to the local toy drive for Christmas. All of them will go to new homes, except these two.

I had fully intended to give them away with the rest, but then they gave me “The Look.” I told them, “Okay, you can stay, but I will not be the center of your universe.” They agreed.

That’s the thing with hobbies. They can get a hold of you if you’re not mindful. Aldo Leopold wrote: “A hobbyist is inherently a radical whose tribe is inherently a minority.” I can only keep a few of the little guys if I want my tribe to remain small.

Note to self: Do not make anyone the center of your universe; it is too great a burden to foist on any one person.

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