Teapot in a Tempest

“Blue Teapot” ~ March 2019 Acrylic Painting Class ~ First Lesson

Blue Teapot

The instructor gave us a copy of this painting and said this is what we were going to paint today.

ME (to myself): Wait, what? Aren’t we going to start with something simple, like stick figures? I can do stick figures. Me and stick figures are tight; we smell each other’s feet.

So I start muddling through. Turmoil, doubt, and uncertainty. Groping my way through the universe, unsure of how to hold my paint brush, and very sure of being humiliated.

(Note to self: If you must risk exposure, do it where there are no witnesses. Come on, you know this. Remember those times when you were young and you managed to be very silly in front of an audience? You learned not to do that, and yet here you are, in a moment of weakness when you temporarily misplaced your NO, about to expose yourself to strangers…and at your age!)

And then I was done. I had painted a blue teapot with a vase of flowers. The vase had water in it, and the teapot had a shine on its belly. How about that! I gave it to my mom who has it displayed over her fireplace.

Objects in the Bag: “Tempest in a Teapot”, Acrylic painting, Clovis Adult Education, Lauren Boebert, New Life High School Group

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