Is This Farewell?

I have run out of things to post on this website. I have shared my favorite paintings and photographs. I have shared my favorite poems, epigraphs, and stories. At this point I would be forcing it just to post something. In the future, I may have something that I would like to share publicly. If that happens, I will get back online.

I have not really run out of things to write – it’s just that they are not for public consumption. The thing is, I tend to treat deep human problems with “some bewilderment and some humor” (to quote Freeman Dyson.) I have experienced the Dreadful D’s in my life: death, disease, disability, and dysfunction as have most humans; it’s just that I don’t take them as seriously as other people. As the Psalm goes,” Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” I may shed copious tears in the midnight hours, but I eventually find a ray of sunshine.

So I am not going to write about my Deep Human Problems because I do not wish to inadvertently hurt someone by making light of a sad or tragic situation. For example, I once referred to my cancer as a “hiccup.” My sister did not like that one bit; she felt it diminished the pain and anxiety that my family experienced on my behalf. It’s like singing songs to a heavy heart. Please don’t misunderstand. My heart gets as heavy as the next person; however, it doesn’t stay that way.

So now what? “Should I stay or should I go?” Maybe something will present itself; in the meantime, I will attend to my own set of Deep Human Problems with some bewilderment and a great deal of humor.

“Life is too important to be taken seriously.” Oscar Wilde

“If you delight yourself in the little things, you will always be delighted, for the world is full of little things.” S. M. Hart

Dad’s Shoes

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