Very Special Delivery

A Story for my Husband

Place: YMCA in Longmont, Colorado

Date: July 24, 2022

One hot Sunday afternoon, Tessa Rider and her husband Matthew Jones went to the pool at the YMCA to cool off. At the time, Tessa was nine months pregnant. Not long after they arrived, Tessa’s water broke and she went into labor. Matthew assessed the situation and realized that the baby was coming NOW! It was either inside on the pool deck or outside in the car – the baby chose the pool (Smart choice.)

The lifeguard on duty was 18-year-old Natalie Lucas. She immediately came to Tessa’s aid and helped Matthew deliver the couple’s baby, a boy. An ambulance arrived and took the family to the hospital where the mother and newborn son were pronounced healthy – Matthew also survived. Later the couple praised Natalie for her calm manner and cool head in this very unusual situation. Natalie commented that although her lifeguard training did not include midwifery, it was about saving lives, which she was more than happy to do.

Interesting that Tessa’s water broke at a pool. Perhaps the baby sensed that water was a safe and familiar environment. Perhaps he just couldn’t wait to meet his parents and older siblings. However it came about, it’s a great example of human kindness. Go, Natalie! Go, Tessa and Matthew! Go, Humans!

Happy Guys

Life escapes, and perhaps without life nothing else is worthwhile.

Virginia Woolf ~ Modern Fiction

(Note to self: The Face was touched by this story. It was encouraging to him.)

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