Senior Economics

A Story for my Husband

Date: 2020

Source: The Economic Intelligence Unit of the Bureau of Economic Analysis:

People 50 years old and above contribute $8.3 trillion to the U. S. economy and create an additional $745 billion is value through unpaid activities such as family care-giving and volunteering. Their economic impact is equivalent to the third largest economy in the worlds.

  1. United States $20.5 trillion
  2. China $13.4 trillion
  3. Seniors $8.3 trillion
  4. Japan $5.0 trillion
  5. Germany $4.0 trillion
  6. United Kingdom $2.8 trillion

In 2018, Seniors comprised 35% of the U. S. population, supported 44% of jobs, and donated $97 billion to charities.

Note to self: One time on a walk I passed a senior citizen wearing a tee shirt that said: “The Final Result of Evolution.” Very fitting!

June Bear in the Garden

“Plan for what is difficult while it is still easy, do what is great while it is still small.”

Sun Tzu ~ The Art of War

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