Santa Rosa Creek

October 2022

Santa Rosa Creek

Claudia, June Bear, and I left Cambria and headed for Paso Robles via the Santa Rosa Creek road. Claudia was driving, which left me free to watch Santa Rosa Creek peek in and out of the trees. I was also free to get quite turned around in where I was on the planet. At times, I felt like we were heading northwest when we were actually heading southeast. It was disorienting but not disturbing. As long as I knew I was somewhere on the planet, no worries.

Note to self: Why do we say “northwest” and “southeast?” Why don’t we say “westnorth” or “eastsouth?” Is it because the spell-checker redlines these words, and we all must obey?

One thought on “Santa Rosa Creek

  1. Ahhh yes, that windingSanta Rosa sojournšŸ˜Š I would welcome a real winding road right now. Instead, I am alert as if in a fog, ready to lean into curves as they appear on the often rapidly changing and often hidden winding road of Larry’s challenged health.


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