Mountain Clouds

November 2022

Mountain Clouds

The last time I saw Yosemite looking like this I was on a bike in the pouring rain, wearing a blue rain slicker, watching the deer in the meadow.

(Note to self: Rain is very noisy when it falls on plastic right next to your ear. )

I didn’t mind the rain making a noise. I think if I had to leave my home in the clouds and tumble to the ground, I would cry out as well.

I would say, “Hey, man! What’s the deal here? I was comfortable where I was; I had a great view of the valley. Now I have to wait until I evaporate (always a tiresome process) to reclaim my place in the sky. And just so you know, evaporating is sort of like beaming up on Star Trek, except there is no Scotty making sure you land on specific coordinates. With evaporation, you end up goodness-knows-where.”

That’s what I would say if I were rain.

(Note to self: Evaporation sounds very disorienting. Don’t try this at home.)

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