The War of Winds

Memorial Day

Memorial Day Flags

There is a house in my neighborhood that flies six flags, including the American flag. The other flags sport political statements and symbols – not a flower or puppy in sight. (My gut tells me to steer clear of this house.)

People do that – fly flags, I mean. The American flag is a great favorite as well as seasonal flags representing spring, summer, autumn, and winter, and of course, the political flags. The thing is, no matter what kind of flag someone flies, they all wave whichever way the wind blows. In some cases, the owners of the flags disagree; their politics may go in opposite directions, but that doesn’t matter to the flags or to the wind. The wind blows a red flag in the same direction as a blue flag or even a red, white, and blue flag. There is no war in the wind.

This is a photograph of a cemetery in Reedley. Notice the flags? I think of the people buried there. There are probably some that had opposing beliefs and ideologies. Maybe when they were alive, they were at war with each other. But now their flags all wave the same way.

(Note to self: Even when I fly my freak flag, it waves the same direction as everyone else’s.)

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