Kings River

March 2022

This is Geoff Kersey’s watercolor lesson #12.

Jack and I go to Cricket Hollow Park when the weather is warm just to watch Kings River amble by. In the spring, the snow melt speeds up the ambling, which makes me wonder: Do rivers like to be rushed? If I’m in the mood to amble, I don’t like to be rushed. Do rivers feel the same way?

Aldo Leopold wrote about an meandering river “reluctant to lose its freedom to the sea.” Maybe rivers would just like to take their time about it and enjoy the view as the banks glide by.

On the other hand, a river may enjoy the surge of rushing water. Perhaps Spring is the time of year when a river feels the most powerful. I get that. You go, River! Either way, it’s nice to watch Kings River amble or rush by.

(Note to self: Try not to let anyone else’s spring melt rush you out of ambling.)

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