“Little Fires Everywhere” by Celeste Ng

Published 2017 ~ 600 pages

Dusty in the Garden

No Mystery

I like mysteries. I like stories in which there are problems to solve, clues to unravel, and things to figure out. However, if I am reading a mystery, I don’t like to be kept waiting about what the mystery is. I like to know right away what the deal is.

That is what I really appreciated about Little Fires Everywhere – the story starts with a fire. An actual fire! Of course, after reading about the fire, I wanted to know who started it and why. Great opening!

I appreciated this opening even more when I read another mystery after Little Fires. In this story (which shall be unnamed), there was a lot of back story about the characters, a lot of dialogue among the characters, and a lot of socializing with the characters, but after two chapters, I still had no clue what the mystery was.

(Note to self: Maybe that is the mystery: “Where is the mystery? What is the problem? Where did it go? Who absconded with it?”)

Little Fires Everywhere was a page turner for me; I wanted to know why. Nice job. However, it was not a red berry book. No quotes. That’s okay. It was a satisfying mystery.

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