Teapot in a Tempest

“Blue Teapot” ~ March 2019 Acrylic Painting Class ~ First Lesson The instructor gave us a copy of this painting and said this is what we were going to paint today. ME (to myself): Wait, what? Aren’t we going to start with something simple, like stick figures? I can do stick figures. Me and stickContinue reading “Teapot in a Tempest”

Painting of Colorado in Autumn

I am not sure if I am done. I’m just going to sit with it for a while and see. Painting all those leaves reminded me of G. K. Chesterton. “We might, no doubt, find it a nuisance to count all the blades of grass or all the leaves of the trees; but this wouldContinue reading “Painting of Colorado in Autumn”

Crochet ~ Cat and Friend

I will not be the center of anyone’s universe. It’s the time of year when I give away the fruits of my labors. The hand puppets are going to the kids at church, and the crochet animals are going to the local toy drive for Christmas. All of them will go to new homes, exceptContinue reading “Crochet ~ Cat and Friend”

Drawing ~ “Running Away From Home”

Euclid had a point. Go figure. I gave my trigonometry students an assignment in programming: animate a geometric figure. They started off by drawing a cartoon panel. This is the one that I drew. (Note to self: You have got to practice drawing!) Anyway, as I looked more closely at the panel, I began toContinue reading “Drawing ~ “Running Away From Home””

Needlepoint ~ “Waves Down Under”

Mistakes need love, too. This style of needlepoint is Bargello or Florentine, so called after the city in which it was popular in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. I love this type of needlework. Unfortunately, this piece is upside down. When I made the tote bag, I placed the needlepoint panel the wrong way. IContinue reading “Needlepoint ~ “Waves Down Under””

Painting ~ Armado M. Pena Jr.

I have always loved this painting by Armado Pena, but I never knew the title. When I reproduced it for myself, I wanted to find out what the title was, so I could give proper recognition to the artist. THE ELUSIVE TITLE To my disappointment, no title was forthcoming, despite the many Internet nooks andContinue reading “Painting ~ Armado M. Pena Jr.”

Mobile Picnics

My husband and I were at Reedley Beech today and met a young woman setting up a display. She and her daughter host “Mobile Picnics” for birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions. With her permission, I am sharing her Plush Picnic Halloween Theme. Just shows you what lovely things one can see when one isContinue reading “Mobile Picnics”

Painting ~ “Wawona Road”

“I admire anyone who finishes a work of art, no matter how awful it may be.” Kurt Vonnegut I painted “Wawona Road” from leftover paint; it has been hanging on my wall for over a year. Every once in a while, ponder what I to do with it. The painting seemed content to just hangContinue reading “Painting ~ “Wawona Road””