“Perelandra” by C. S. Lewis

Published 1943 ~ 243 pages Red Berries I love books with “red berries.” In the book, Perelandra, a man named Ransom is alone on the planet Perelandra and is scrounging around for something to eat. He notices something hanging from a tree that looks like a fruit, so he tastes it. It turns out toContinue reading ““Perelandra” by C. S. Lewis”

Mountain Clouds

November 2022 The last time I saw Yosemite looking like this I was on a bike in the pouring rain, wearing a blue rain slicker, watching the deer in the meadow. (Note to self: Rain is very noisy when it falls on plastic right next to your ear. ) I didn’t mind the rain makingContinue reading “Mountain Clouds”

The Air of the Fowls

Kings River at Cricket Hollow Park Although you may not see them, about a million birds hang out in the trees along Kings River. Occasionally a little fellow will flutter to the ground to check things out, but then he will head back to one of the branches. The grass is cool, the soil hasContinue reading “The Air of the Fowls”

Why You Should Invest in a Dictionary

A Found Story A good dictionary is a good investment. It can save a person from all sorts of grief and confusion. Take, for example, the current hyperventilating over the search warrant executed by the FBI at Mar-a-Lago. Not a few Republicans were outraged. And the pending $80 billion appropriation bill for the IRS? Well,Continue reading “Why You Should Invest in a Dictionary”